How to send voice message through WhatsApp Cloud API

In the following tutorial, we will show you how to send audios to customers through the WhatsApp channel from within JivoChat, remembering that this functionality is only available in the PRO plan and in the Enterprise plan

Note: This functionality only works when integrating with the WhatsApp Cloud API, it is not available with external providers like Edna, Twilio or Sendpulse.

To start, you must log into your JivoChat account, enter your Contact Center -> Go to "My", and open a WhatsApp conversation. Then look for the microphone icon

Then, when clicking on the icon, the recording will start to be made. To pause it, click the "stop" button again, in red

Before sending the audio to your client, you can listen to it, and if you want to record it again, just click on the trash can icon. To send, just click on the blue arrow

After sending the audio, it will no longer be possible to delete it, just listen to it at a faster speed and download it, if necessary.

That's all, now you can send audios to your customers and make your customer's experience even better.

Good day!

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