Callback in 30 seconds

Some customers prefer phone calls rather than chats. Connect Callback feature in JivoChat to engage them
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Callbacks help close deals
Phone calls and live chat are combined in JivoChat: you can talk to a customer on the phone and send him messages or documents via chat at the same time. Mix these channels to raise the conversion of site visitors into customers
JivoChat can tell you who's on the phone.
Information about the caller is shown automatically during the call: his city, the source he came from, what pages of your website he is currently viewing
Callback or live chat? Don't choose one thing, take it all
Live chat is convenient for delicate customer support, instant callback — for active completion of the deal. We have combined both solutions in JivoChat so you can use the perfect tool for different situations.
Take calls wherever it is convenient
Make and receive calls in the JivoChat app
To a SIP phone connected to your IP PBX
Redirect calls to your mobile phone if you are out of the office
JivoChat is generating leads 24/7
The callback works even when the agents are busy or offline. JivoChat will invite the customer to choose a convenient time for a callback.
Double sales from the mobile version of the site
In 2021, the share of mobile traffic has reached 83% — so customers order calls from mobile devices more often — with a callback feature, shopping in the mobile version of your site will become even more convenient
Connect callbacks today
Callbacks are available in all JivoChat versions and are charged per minute
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Calls to UK
Calls to Canada
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