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Alat komunikasi GRATIS bagi anda untuk memantau dan mengobrol dengan klien di Website, Facebook, Telegram dan Viber.

Yay! Anda baru saja melengkapi Step 1.
sekarang silakan cek email masuk Anda, kami telah mengirim instruksi instalasinya.

Email support just got faster

Receive emails from clients directly to your JivoChat inbox and handle them as quickly as chats!

Setup emails in Jivo

Daftar, jika anda bukan pengguna JivoChat

Improve your customers support by email in minutes

Just enable email forwarding from your company's address info@yourcompany.com to Jivo and your team will receive emails and chats in a single inbox with all Jivo productivity features.

Be faster than your competitors, impress clients

Agents no longer have to switch between the email and chat apps, and the workload gets distributed among the team. Response times improve dramatically.

Focus on the conversation

Emails, chats, and calls with clients are now in a single messaging timeline – no chance of falling out of context.

Workload is evenly distributed

Emails and chats get into the inboxes of the assignedagents and the first to answer gets the client. This approach ensures fastest reply times.

As with chats, transfer and conferences are available while handling emails.

We love how fast the support in chat is. But email support doesn't have to be slow!

Your online agents are trained to be quick and responsive. Use this skill in email support with the productivity-boosting Jivo app.

No email will be left unanswered

The Jivo inbox ensures that every customer will get a timely reply, and you'll be able to monitor the quality of service with metrics and stats.

Connect your company's email to Jivo in minutes!

Just log into the Jivo App and open settings

Setup emails in Jivo

Daftar, jika anda bukan pengguna JivoChat

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