Connecting Telegram

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In the last update, we added an option to integrate our chat with Telegram.

In order to connect it, you will need to add a new channel in your admin panel.


Now, choose a name for your new Telegram channel.


Next, to create your API key and begin the integration, you need to open Telegram, find the user with the name of @botfather and begin a chat with him.

After this, you need to send the command -/newbot to create a new bot to a chat with @botfather


Enter a name for a new bot. The name you choose will be the display name that your clients will see when they chat with your bot. For example, “Tester”.

Now you need to create a unique username for your bot. The chosen username will be used by your clients for finding your bot so that they can write to you.


After this you will receive an HTTP API key. Copy it and paste it in telegram account settings found in your JivoChat admin panel.


That’s it! After pressing the “ENABLE SERVICE” button and the service connects, your clients will be able to write to your new bot through the Telegram app and the messages will arrive directly to your JivoChat agent’s app!

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