How to install JivoChat on WIX

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Method 1. Embed the JivoChat code on your Wix panel

This method is available only for paid versions of Wix

In order to add the JivoChat code on your website, enter your Wix panel and go to “Settings” in your website’s dashboard.

Next, click on “Tracking & Analytics” under the Advanced Settings menu.

Click on “+ New Tool” and select Custom from the dropdown list.

Paste the JivoChat code into the custom code field.

Enter an identification name for the tool and select to show on all pages.

Select the option “Body - end” and click on Apply.

Now, simply Publish your changes and the chat will be installed on your website.

Method 2. Install via plugin from the Wix app market

This method is available for free Wix users

Go to your Wix admin panel and find the “Applications” category, you can type “jivochat” on the search field or you can access this direct link.

You will see a screen to add the app to your website, please click on “Add to site” as shown below:

The system will automatically give you the option to open the Wix editor, please open it:

Now you will see the JivoChat widget preview on the website, you will need to do right click on it to see the “Setting”

When you open the settings, a window to connect a JivoChat account will be shown.

There are to options:

  1. Create a new account
  2. Connect an existing account

If you already have an account you can login with your JivoChat credentials:

That was it! you can click on the “Done” button and don’t forget to publish the changes on your website.


Method 3. Insert JivoChat HTML code on an HTML box

Known issues for Method 3 installation

Due to the configuration of some WiX pages we have some restrictions for the chat to work on WIX sites:

1.Facebook integration is not working on WIX.

2.Wix does not support our chat mobile version, so it will not be shown on mobile devices.

3.The chat integration with Google analytics is not working on WIX.

If those issues are not a problem for you and you still prefer to install with this method:

First, open the WIX Website Editor and open the Main page there.

Next, press the “Add” button on the left panel and choose HTML code widget in the “More” section:

Now you need to copy our chat code. The JivoChat code is available in the JivoChat app, in the Installation section: Manage -> Channels -> Settings -> Installation.

Just copy it and go back to the Wix Website Editor.

Press Settings button or “Enter code” bubble above the widget image.

Paste the code into the “Add your code field…” and press the update button.

Next, you should change the size of the widget. Set it in the right panel or drag the borders of the widget. You should set the size to 420x500.

Also, please check the box “Show on all pages”.

Now, right-click with your mouse over the widget and select “Pin to screen”.

You can choose the chat window position in the opened window and pin it to the right bottom corner for example. Also, please set all offsets to “0”.

Press “Publish” button at the top right corner and that’s all. You can open your website, our chat window should be shown there.

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