How to install the chat code on Magento

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Method 1: Install JivoChat via Admin Panel

In the Magento Admin Panel, go to “System” menu and click on “Configuration”:


On the next page, select “Design” and then click on “Footer”:


When the Footer section expands, locate the “Miscellaneous HTML” field and insert the JivoChat code in this field. Don’t forget to save changes by clicking the “Save Config” button.


Method 2: Install the JivoChat via design source files

This method will require you to insert the JivoChat code into the “footer.phtml” file. This file is in your Magento installation folder which can be found in the following path: “/app/design/frontend/default/{Your design theme name}/template/page/html/”:


To edit the footer.phtml file, open it in notepad and insert the JivoChat code at the end of the file. Save the file and then complete the next steps.


In the Magento Admin Panel Open menu, go to “System” and click on “Cache Management”.


On the Cache Storage Management page, select all of the cache types by clicking “Select All” and then press the “Submit” button.


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