Importing clients to Jivo

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Clients import is a new way to add your existing clients to Jivo. It allows you to add all clients with a CSV file and save time that would be spent on adding them one by one.

You can upload the file in CRM > Import and export > Import clients.

CSV file format

  1. It has to be a CSV file, each line will be recognized as a client.

  2. You should use UTF-8 character encoding.

  3. Max size of the file is 100 MB.

  4. Use comma , for a delimiter.

  5. Use quotation marks to surround a field if its data contain commas.

  6. The first line in the file — column names. It’s important that columns have the following pattern:

Important: make sure each client has **email* or phone (or both) fields filled.*

If you get an error when trying to upload the file you should troubleshoot the file, fix errors and try to upload it one more time.

In case all goes well, you’ll see the list of your clients. Check if data is correct and click “Upload clients to Jivo” button.

After that clients will be added to Jivo. You can find them in CRM > Clients and continue working with them from Jivo app.

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